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AioCare / Digital Respiratory Disease Management System.
Personal, connected and ultra-portable spirometer with a dedicated mobile application for better COPD and Asthma control.

AioCare features:

- Medical grade, CE-Marked Class IIa device
- Meets the ATS/ERS criteria
- Full spirometry analysis (Curves)
- Exhale/Inhale measurement
- Real time measurement
- Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
- Wireless Charging System
- Position Control System
- Coaching and error detection
- Long-life Battery

The device encompasses all the most important and widely used spirometry parameters. The respiratory parameters that can be measured by AioCare include:

FVC, (FVC%, Pred., Perc.) FEV1/FVC Ratio (%, Pred., Perc.)
FEV1, (FEV1%, Pred., Perc.) PEF, (PEF%, Pred.)
FEF 25-75 BEV

Additionally, the device measures heart rate.

AioCare works with iOS and Android operating systems.
iPhone 5s or later, supporting iOS 9.0 or higher. 
Android 5.0 or higher.

It is designed for self-monitoring by patients suffering from asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis.

Box includes: 1x AioCare Spirometer, 1x nose clip, 1x filter, 1x usb cable



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